I’m a very experienced touring and recording drummer, based in the UK. Originally from Glasgow, I now live and work there full time from my fully equipped studio Having played kit drums now for more than 35 yrs seriously, I can claim to have picked up my first sticks (and brushes) at the age of 4 and to having my first drum kit shortly after. This early start was brought about with my parents being professional jazz musicians. This meant that as a child I was constantly exposed to music and musicians and saw it as the norm  to be “out gigging”. Many of the music teachers I was to later meet, already knew my folks through the gigging scene too.

Growing up in Glasgow in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s meant  being exposed to a very rich vein of musical talent and ready access to some of the best recording and rehearsal facilities available. After an early maturing process Gigs were in abundance as were various sessions, some radio play, and tv appearances.

I’m able to play and contribute to writing and production in all genres.

After some time out growing 3 babies to teenage-hood, I returned to the percussive arts with a new passion and zest. I have been rehearsing, gigging and recording solidly for many years and enjoy working with new people. Happy to audition for touring and recording projects – so please do feel free to contact me with your requirements.