I’m a 45 yr session drummer, based in the UK. Originally from Glasgow, I now live and work out of two main bases. One in Central Scotland and one in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Having played kit drums now for more than 30 yrs seriously, I can claim to have picked up my first sticks (and brushes) at the age of 4 and to having my first drum kit (Chad Valley toy set) shortly after. This early start was brought about due to my parents and uncle being professional jazz musicians. This meant that as a child I was constantly exposed to music and musicians and saw it as the norm  to be “out gigging”. Moreover, many of the music teachers I was to later meet, were already aware of me through my parents had likely seen me bash away on my little Chad Valley Set or when accompanying one parent collecting or dropping the other off at gigs.
Growing up in Glasgow in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s meant  being exposed to a very rich vein of musical talent and ready access to some of the best (and worst) recording and rehearsal facilities available. After an early maturing process Gigs were in abundance as were various sessions, some radio play, and tv appearances. After brief forays into punk, ska, reggae and even steel band calypso, I decided that (via a trad jazz band, then an instrumental prog jazz funk 3 piece,) that more regular rock, funk and pop were where it was at. I still enjoy playing all manner of genre and I truly believe that my early years have provided me with a wide arsenal of grooves and an ability to learn quick. More importantly a solid grounding in what not to play and how to count and stay in time.
After some time out growing 3 babies to teenage-hood, I returned to the percussive arts with a new passion and zest. It took about 3 or 4 weeks to throw off the cobwebs and get back to full speed / awareness (sorry to those poor unfortunates who saw me during that period), and thanks to Alesis, I  was able to shorten that time by using their excellent DM10 whilst I awaited my new acoustic set up to be made by the Pearl Masterworks craftsmen.  I’m now well and truly back in full flight and have been rehearsing, gigging and recording solidly for the past few years. I have a new Pearl rack set-up, which is very similar to my previous kit from the 90’s and I’ve a new cymbal set up to boot. (Although I did manage to track down some old favourites)
I’m currently in the process of designing a new remote operated LED lighting system for retro-fitting to acoustic drums. And I hope that it will be available to buy from here soon.

I’ll soon have images up to tempt you. Its a simple install and as you have probably seen elsewhere (for around 5x the price that I’m working towards) and is a visually stunning addition to any kit.