Welcome to the website of Martin Walker, Professional Drummer & Session player

On the following pages you’ll find out more about Me and my drums. From the early days, my musical growth, recording and gigging experiences and my career in general to date. Its all about the drums I play, who with and why.

You can also find out where to see me playing live or access links to audio or video recordings. If you need a session covered or have some rehearsals or gigs you need me for, simply fill out the contact form with your details and submit. I will get back to you within 24 hrs.
I also have the capability of recording acoustic or midi drum tracks using either a fully miked acoustic kit, hybrid with triggers or a via a digital electronic kit. You can see a full list of the equipment used / available in the Equipment page.

I’ll also happily attend any studio of your choosing if preferred. I’m available locally, UK wide or Worldwide for as little time or as long as you need to complete your project and I’m happy to work to a budget.

I’m currently touring / playing live with Andrew Valentine and in rehearsals with The Vaulted Skies for upcoming recordings and live shows. This summer will also see some new material and festival shows with Rewired. I can also be found frequenting many studios with several artists, bands and producers on a more ad-hoc basis. You can find out more about all of this on the Artists page

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