IEMs and Hearing Protection

Pro Custom IEM’s, Pro Custom Ear Protection and DIY Options for those on a budget.

As well as playing drums, I make and re-sell all manner of IEM’s, hearing protection and earplugs for Drummers, other musicians and music lovers who want to experience either high end audio or safely attend concerts and festivals without fear or hearing impairment or loss.

From simple ear bud sleeves that fit your existing drivers, to full ear shell moulds, with top end audiophile multi driver in ear systems, I can provide you with whatever your budget and taste desires.

All options can be custom made to your exact ear shape and form to ensure a perfect fit. This means lower volumes going in and delivers better clarity due to the fit delivering better bass response.
And you can choose from all manner of design, colour and material to suit your comfort.

Made for you in as little as 24 hrs* and from as little as £49, there’s really no need to put up with poor sound quality ever again, whether on the go, the stage, or even the us to work!

Have a look at the examples below and get in touch to get your custom design underway.

PS – I also offer a DIY kit for those unsure of the benefits or on a tight budget.

Contact me for pricing and lead times without obligation