Pearl Drums – Zildjian Cymbals – Remo Heads – Vic Firth Sticks – Roland Electronics – Superlux

I’m always proud to tell people about the great equipment I use and take pride in being able to use it correctly. Should any of you lovely companies wish to assist me in this either  by way of assisted endorsement or publicity, Please use the Contact page.


Kit 1 – Pearl Masterworks Custom made shells (Mahogany and birch plys), Pewter glass finish, chrome hardware. Pearl Opti mounts
10 x 10 rack tom
12 x 12 rack tom
14 x 14 rack mounted floor tom
20 x 18 Bass Drum (undrilled)

Kit 2 – Pearl VBX All Birch Shells, Natural lacquer finish, chrome hardware. ISS mounts
8 x 7 rack tom (x 2)   10 x 9 rack tom  12 x 10 rack tom
14 x 14 rack tom  &   16 x 16 rack tom
22 x 18 Bass Drum (undrilled)

12″ x 6″ Pearl liquid amber Maple snare
13″ x 6″ DW Satin Cherry snare oil finish
13″ x 8″ Pearl Masters Custom Tamo Artisan finish
10″ x 5″ Pearl Firecracker Pewter Glass finish
14” x 5.5″ Pearl Sensitone Steel
12” x 4″ Pearl Firecracker Special Ed Marine Pearl finish

Cymbals: Zildjian
6″ K splash 6” A splash     10” SR Hi Hats
12” A Custom Rezo splash. 12” Oriental Trash
13” K Custom Hybrid Hi hats     13″ A Pocket Hats
14″ A Hi Hats 14” A Mini China.
16” A Custom Projection Crash
17” A Paper Thin Crash     17” K Dark Crash
18” K Custom Dark Crash     18” A Custom Fast Crash
20″ A Custom EFX. 20” Earth Ride
22” K Jazz Ride

Roland SPD-SX sample pad Roland SPD-30 Octapad Roland A-300 midi controller
Roland digital lads and triggers
Samson 16:40 mixing desk
Superlux PRA-383 gooseneck mini condenser mic’s on All Toms
Superlux E-109 Pencil condenser mic’s on Snares and overheads
Superlux FK-2 Bass drum boundary mic
Pro Tools Cubase FL Studio
2 x Zoom R-16 Audio Interfaces / Live recorders / mixers
Boss Micro BR-50

Remo Emperor Vintage Coated   –  Batter Head – All Toms
Remo Clear Ambassadors – Resonant Head – All Toms
Remo Ambassador Vintage Coated  – 14” Sensitone snare
Remo Fibreskyn 3 – 12” Firecracker  snare

Vic Firth Metal Red nylon 5a

Vic Firth 7AN VG (Vic Grip)
Ahead Brushes
Flix Sticks Fibre Brushes